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ppc services in hyderabad

ppc services hyderabad

Aptsol4u offers a varied set of expert services and are not just limited to Google AdWords management. Our process starts with designing an effective Pay-Per-Click campaigns to implementing them. We generate leads, sales, and new business opportunities for our clients.

Hyper-targeted PPC Management services

In comparison, Pay-Per-Click management services tend to be broader than other channels. In here, you will have the power to practise control over 100 factors, and details more into prospective clients who are looking into your business.

Local PPC Management Services

At times, major audience of your business might lie in the local areas, then compared to the international grounds. To save some cost and time, it is better to design PPC campaigns that are targeted to the local users, which can help in generating a more quality leads and sales for the business.

Key components of our PPC Management Services

Right from the start, we make sure to design ads with the right keywords placed. Thorough research will be conducted in prior to narrow down the keywords that generate higher traffic rates. Landing page testing, and keyword research are the key elements conducted in this process to convert leads into sale.

Landing page will maximize the customer conversion rate for any business. We make sure the landing page is well-designed with the right content, keywords, and ad placements.

Testing process will eliminate any errors or unwanted gaps that’s slowing down the process. It helps us in knowing what works and what doesn’t for your business.

To generate more quality leads, we design a conversion funnel for your business. This process is conducted with our expert’s suite of tools, analytics, and surveys. We believe, quality of leads is more valued than quantity.

Verified platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are utilized to promote the campaigns for a more effective social media advertising as a part of the service.

Getting viewed is crucial to any ad. Because wrong placement of an ad on the wrong platform can generate next to nothing. So to maximize your brand’s visibility we place ads on the most popular sites to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Any marketing activity performed will be labelled successful only based on its analytical insights. For visual understanding, we provide our clients with a detailed analytical report every week. This will help you in knowing where the money is has been spent and what is it generating in return, either in monetary terms or brand awareness.

Re-running the previous ads can reap monetary or value benefits for your brand. Based on the working situation, at times we bring back the previous ad conversions with a re-targeting concept.

Ads showing up at the top of search engine results is very crucial for any business. As the search has millions of websites listed, at times the ad seems to get lost in the crowd. At Aptsol4u, we make sure to place your ads on the top of search results, to bring in more potential leads in.

How much does PPC Management Service costs?

We are very clear when it comes to PPC management service, and our pricing reflects a cost effective model consisting of two major components:

Setup fee – Here we charge a one-time fee in creating the advertising campaign

Management Fee – Every month our team will track your ad performance and update the metrics to achieve better results.

Our PPC Management services are custom tailored for your business requirements. The costing of typically ranges from 35000/- to over 2 Lakhs. The cost will vary based on the ad campaign objectives and the ad spend budgets. We will constantly track your ad’s metrics and refine its metrics to achieve more better results.


Why Aptsol4u is the right PPC management agency for your business?

Our expert team are well-versed with all the analytical tools and PPC channels present online

We have been performing reliable ad campaigns, providing a real-time results for our clients for years

We design tailored sales funnel, user buyer journey, and comprehensive marketing strategies that go through a seamless flow for every PPC ad campaign implemented

We have a hands-on experience with all the search engines

We perform a cost effective advertising and save you on cost per click by finding ways to leverage PPC


Customer Centric Team

We offer tailored PPC campaigns specific to our customers, as each business is unique on its own. Strategies, plans, and campaigns are carefully tailored specifically to your business requirements . We send in monthly reports showing the performance of PPC campaigns and data that can allow them to keep track of their business’s online ad campaigns performance. Clients’ opinion is always taken in prior to implementing a strategy, and we assure to be completely transparent in our workings.

ROI Driven services

At Aptsol4u, we ought to deliver service that shows promise. Everyone wants to grow and see their business reach new levels, we make that happen. Return on investment is very crucial for every client, and we understand the value of it. We design PPC ad campaigns using tools that can achieve a sizable growth for your business with real time returns.

When it comes to PPC campaigns, we finely tune every detail before launching every campaign making sure every penny of your investment is yielding the promised results.

Expert Team

Aptsol4u is a diverse team of professionals with full-on experience with online marketing. We have specialists from all walks of digital marketing life. SEO expert, Content marketer, PPC ad campaign manager, we have got’em all!


Detailed reporting

Every ad campaign we perform, will go through a thorough cognitive process of detail analysis and research. Understanding your competition, industry structures, and target audience are crucial to our campaign strategy making.

We constantly seek new methods in delivering innovative ad campaigns that help improve the analytics of your business. Our campaign goals are to maximize business exposure, generate potential leads, deliver tangible results, and never stop innovating.



We charge a monthly retainer fee as our base rate. This amount, which is required at the start of each month, is determined by the amount spent on your campaign.

Paid advertising, as opposed to organic methods, can result in quick results. You can see a results in sales within a week by paying to have your brand placed directly in front of your target market.

Almost every major platform provides PPC in some capacity. This can include the majority of websites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and Bing. We ensure that your paid advertisements are displayed on the channels that lead to the highest conversions.

We can take over your existing campaigns in addition to beginning new ones. This includes audits, which enable us to determine which keywords, channels, and landing pages from your current campaign work and which ones don't.

A very effective marketing channel is PPC advertising. We not only make sure that a campaign is producing results for you. By monitoring your paid strategy, we make sure you're getting the best outcomes.

The cost of digital marketing solutions varies based on where you want to take your company and how good your online presence is.

Although every company is different, PPC methods can be used in almost every circumstance. They can spread the word about a flash sale you're having on your website or promote your business to those looking for your services. They provide quick outcomes and can kickstart a digital marketing plan.