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Online Advertising is Important in today’s era for the following 5 Reasons

Advertising has evolved for over hundreds of years and has been a key driving factor for the modern economy.

Advancement of technological possibilities has made things simpler for markets in creating a virtual & augmented reality for the users online.

Did you know, average advertising costs for small businesses that uses Google ads as a part of their online advertising strategy are estimated to be between ₹30,000 to ₹4,00,000 per month. That’s a lot of money! But if every organisation irrespective of the size is coming forward in investing huge heaps of money into advertising, then there’s surely something you need to look out for.

What is Online Advertising (or) Digital Advertising ?

To be brief – Online advertising is a process of using the online sources to communicate your business’s message to your target audience. It is considered as a crucial tool in increasing organic traffic to the company website and increase overall brand exposure.

The concept of Online Advertising is a part of Digital Marketing strategy and the most important feature used by businesses to accomplish their desired aim. Customers are increasingly using the online platforms to scoop up information about individuals and businesses before deciding on interaction.

With presence of search engine moguls like Google, digital advertising has been a bit flexible, quick, measurable, and broad.

When used effectively any organization can benefit from online advertising. As it can help the businesses in reaching both local and global markets at a time.

You may ask – “What can I expect from this strategy?”

Understanding what online advertising entails can help you in expanding your organization’s customer base, increase user engagement, improve reach, and learn more about your target audience’s preferences.

Why is online advertising important?

Entrepreneurs and marketers can take advantage of digital ads in growing their user base, generate leads, expanding the market reach, and increase their profits. Here are some reasons that can validate your decision in choosing online advertising as a part of your marketing strategy.

Global audience reach

The most beneficial part of the whole strategy is being able to reach audience beyond your local areas. The internet can enable you in connecting with your target audience instantly and reduce the burden in physically travelling all the way to expand your business reach.

As the business keeps expanding its online presence, it is easier and flexible in generating more leads, further increasing its profits. Besides, generating more revenue isn’t the only benefit a business receives from practising online advertising, its more of increasing the brand awareness and giving the business an opportunity to venture into new markets, by reaching out to new target audience.

Brand credibility

In today’s age, creating a sense of trust is a Must for all online businesses. In order to trust, you need to create brand awareness, and let your customers know your expertise. Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are able to recognise and remember the brand under varied circumstances.

The process might be time taking in the initial stages, but eventually when users get a hold of it and are able to recognise and differentiate your products/service from the competition then that’s like hitting a jackpot for the long-term success for your business online.

Customer Engagement

When in traditional advertising, the process of receiving feedback is strenuous and most times delayed. Whereas, with advancement in new technologies an online business can instantly track their target consumers behaviors online. Conducting a thorough research on your online audience can help in determining the products and services they are looking for and getting some insights into their perceptions of your business.

Based on the received research results you can design your ad campaigns. Even when the online ads are running, you as the owner will have complete control over running the ad further or not. Also, while the ad is running online, your organization will have the complete flexibility in engaging with your target customers and convert leads instantly.

Re-marketing Ads

This concept of re-marketing enables sites to show target ads to users who have already visited their site. What Google does here is, they will help the websites to show the ads to past visitors who have seen the ad while browsing the web, watching a video on YouTube, or while reading an article on news sites. In this way, your brand will be remembered by users and will create a sense of curiosity to come back for more.

While using this strategy of digital ads, as a business you need to be clear on what is your end goal in re-marketing the ad. Are you looking for creating brand awareness or planning to generate more sales. Whatever the motive is, it needs to be clear for the brand re-marketing. As discussed earlier, Google’s re-marketing tool is the best and easy to use.


Keeping a track of online analytics is important while running an ad. Analytical tool will help you in giving all the information from location to interests of the users, in no time. Sometimes when we design an online ad, it will sound like the perfect one but might end up not generating the desired results. You need analytics for the times like this, especially when you are investing into a strategy to generate something in return.

Online analytics tools are the most effective in generating customer data, most used keywords, and identify areas of improvement in your online advertising strategy. You can consistently track the conversion rate while the ad is boosted to evaluate the campaign’s effective and make changes if required accordingly.

Final words

As Henry Ford once said – “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” So true!

The internet has typically become one of the most effective platforms for reaching your target audience and online advertising are one of the most prominent digital marketing techniques that’s helping brands in making their marks. Have a clear goal before running an ad campaign, consistently track user analytics, and make improvements if required – this would be a sure shot way to make your presence in the marketplace in today’s time.

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