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LinkedIn Marketing hacks to grow Online Business

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, that enables  generating professional clients to your business. This platform is more business centric, accommodating publishing of content to already engaged audience.

Majority of the users, on this platform are more into learning about new products/services entering in the market and businesses that are thriving to succeed. From a professional perspective,  it is considered easy to create content for LinkedIn users as most of them maintain same level of understanding.

How to use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn Marketing hacks enables global networking and getting new leads on board through its active professional image. If you streamline a list of target prospects, you could enable email notifications through ‘LinkedIn sales navigator’ and get notified whenever they post an update.

In this way, you can both respond and maintain a professional relationship, gradually converting leads into potential customers. Always make sure your website link is plugged in your profile and also in the personalized messages you send.

On the contrary, LinkedIn has a strong reputation for job searching and recruiting. The main differentiating features the platform have been the ability to post and review digital resumes. LinkedIn has a strong reputation for job searching and recruiting. The main differentiating features the platform have been the ability to post and review digital resumes.

Till now, we have had a pretty good understanding to what extent the platform can help businesses. Here’s further details on LinkedIn marketing strategies that can build a solid foundation.

Basic structure

You might have a preconception about LinkedIn advertising, before getting into one. As in, more focused needs to be on improving profile growth through network building and producing quality content.

It is partly true, as most times small elements are crucial, such as, – cover photo, business description, profile date, etc. Because the first thing someone sees when they visit your profile is the layout, and how you presented yourself with what you’ve got.  

Gain user attention through professionally creative cover photo. To create a lasting impression, use a high definition cover image. An appealing illustrative or easy-to-read text, followed by a call to action, either works depending on what you are trying to communicate. Avoid image duplication or any kind of plagiarism.

How well you describe yourself & your organization matters. Because the information you put out is read by millions of people around the globe, and you need to make sure it is both understandable and reliable.

Create quality content

Design a rich content strategy in order to engage with your users. Your content is what drives the targeted user groups in staying updated with your profile and referring to others. For the content to be effective, two things needed to be given close consideration.

Regularly create, promote and be consistent with competition. Followed by the content should be rich in quality and provide value to the users. Try to make your content educational, informative, and entertaining to maintain the audience’s interest.

User engagement

Consistently engage with your target audience groups.

Post a question, the chances of users reverting back through comments is more likely. Customers engage in conversations with each other based on their similar interests. They can be considered as online focus groups; at times they generate insights or help in identifying gaps for certain product/service market.

Knowing them better, will help you in creating an emotional bond for them towards your brand. Lastly, be attentive to their queries and always try to maintain an active profile. Sharing your views and getting them on board with a story technique can help in lead generation, as most customers tend to create an emotional connection with the brand through stories.

Get well-versed with the Algorithm

Before starting to post and optimizing content on your business profile, you need to be clear about how the algorithm of the social platform’s works.

It is commonly believed that the algorithm does not prefer one particular format of content to another. Yet, it places heavy emphasis on one important factor critical in building a strong LinkedIn presence – relevance of engagement.

Relevance plays a crucial role in how posts get ranked on the users’ feeds. The content shown to the users of LinkedIn is based on the algorithms of the content that has been ranked higher. So, to reach your ideal audience group, your content needs to be as relevant as possible.

Visuals & Infographics

Design your visuals with inclusion of custom photos, videos, stock images that has personal touch, and easy for users to relate to your business. Compared to images, videos tend to perform exceptionally well.

Instead sharing YouTube video links, optimize the LinkedIn native video option instead. It automatically grabs audience attention by auto-playing when the user is scrolling through their feed. In addition to these visuals, you can also attach PDF, Presentation files to provide authority and expertise to your brand image.

Performance Analysis

LinkedIn’s native analytics dashboard can help you with your page’s overall performance. At end of every week, check for the analytics for an idea, to know which posts are doing well with your target audience.

Always keep a track on your top-performing posts, you can repurpose them later times. Use tools that monitors and watch out for any brand mentions on LinkedIn. When any competitor brands, users, bloggers, or influencers mention your brand online it is better to be aware and respond immediately.

The three important metrics that are to be tracked are as follows – engagement, conversions, and web traffic. You are building a community, so focus more on the engagement metrics such as – likes, comments and shares.


LinkedIn marketing is both effective and essential for creating a credibility of the brand in B2B markets. Having a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy can portray a sense of reliability and authority for the brand, in the perception of the customers.

LinkedIn is just one of the elements in your broad social content plan. Do not restrict your marketing efforts to just one platform, expand and explore all the platforms that aligns with your business.

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