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The importance of Blogging for Digital Marketing Strategy, 2022


First thing’s first, you need to make sure your company’s official website has a blog present. It is a method of increasing organic traffic and engagement on your website. Every blog written needs to be SEO friendly, as it helps in improving your website’s overall ranking by Google search algorithm.

Using this SEO approach can let prospective leads of yours identify your business through the keywords search. You could be top ranking, just through organic search.

Also, if you are scuffled about finding new content to post on your social media handles, you can just start with posting the links of SEO blog posts of your website and stay functional.

Importance of Blogs in Digital Marketing

SEO organic traffic

As discussed earlier, your company’s website is vital to the process.

The first thing the client searches when they are looking to reach your business is through your website. If they are not aware of your business name, they would type for a search query related to products/services your company offers.

So for your client to find you, your website needs to be ranking with search engines. Posting high-quality, consistent, and relevant Blog content will help your business get higher page ranking in user search with search engines. The higher you rank, the more chances your website is to be found, generating organic traffic.

During the content design for the blogs, make sure the blogs are filled with relevant SEO keywords, so that search engines spiders will come and crawl your site.  The more consistency you maintain in posting blogs, the more frequent the search engine spiders will come. When they come to your site, and see new content every now and then, they will determine that your site is active, and is managed more relevant than static websites.

Make sure to maintain a site more like a publication, and less like a brochure.

Builds trust

The more quality content you provide, the more customers will see your brand as an authoritative figure in your particular industry. In this digital era, relevant blogs have the power to generate content on the internet with just few clicks.

To standout from all the competition, your brand needs to generate content that stands out. Many top performing SEO blogs say their company has built credibility and trust with their audiences.

If the blog writing your business provides is of high-quality and reliable, then customers would not give it a second thought in – subscribing to your email, downloading content offers, following you on social media, and enter your sales cycle.

The level of trust customers show will have a massive impact on success of a business, because they trust in your expertise and are more likely to make repeated comebacks.

Lead Generation

Customers tend to create a sense of relatability and trust with the brands that provides content which addresses their dilemma. In general sense, if you solve a customer’s problem through your content, then the reader continues to come back for more content, this process is known to be lead generation for a business. Once the lead is generated you transform them into a customer for the business.

Whereas, in terms of return on investment, blog marketing helps in generating 3 times more leads compared to other strategies, but this type of marketing strategy requires a lot of patience, quality, and relevant content on all the blog posts.

blog marketing strategies practised in the online platforms of a brand through social media, email, website can reach to each individual audience, giving more personalized outlook for the brand, creating added value for the audience.

Focused Target audience

Effective blog writing considering target audience needs are ought to deliver more value to the users. The communication can be designed by identifying the customer touch points and challenges faced by the buyer persona.

It rightly fits the inbound marketing methodology, and the content is set to be successful, when delivered to the right person, in a right manner, at a right time.

Blogging is useful marketing tool but overloading your audience with too much information can end up in losing their interest. Every piece of useful content that your audience want to click on must be equally distributed across all the digital marketing channels of the business.

How can companies use blogs as effective digital marketing tool?

Traditional marketing channels such as – newspaper, television etc tend to have a one-way communication with the target audience. Though the channels reach a large audience the message communicated is more universal and not to a specific individual or niche groups.

Communication through online channels is way more cost-effective compared to the traditional advertising or paid advertising online. It follows a procedure of inbound methodology, grabbing the attention of right audience for your brand, as opposed to interruptive outbound tactics.

You may ask – In this fast-paced market, is blogging good for marketing?

Yes, blog writing always adds value to the customers and businesses.

We do agree that it is time consuming process, and the results aren’t instant. But the advantages received in long-term are worth investing the time and resourced into it. Blogging always will add value to your overall marketing strategy.

If you are feeling stuck, or in dilemma on how to start a blog. Do not worry, start blogging about the top 6 topics your clients consistently ask you or are looking answers for. It might be a product, a service, or something comparable about your business, just go for it. Create internal links to re-direct them through your website and getting them to have an insightful tour. Gradually make them feel empowered, nurture them, and get them all the way through the sales funnel.

Having a consistent blog article, specially around market and specific product/service will make you the authority in your space.

The Bottom Line

Blog writing can be either, descriptive, narrative, or conversational. It all depends on your brand, and how you want to engage with your target audience.

Updating the content constantly based on external trends in the market can help in increase brand engagement and keeps your company’s website fresh to which Google algorithm tends to respond positively. All-in-all its an effective, yet essential part of a digital marketing strategy. It saves costing, and works for the long-term success of a business.

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