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5 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing

With changing consumer behaviours and the challenge to sustain in this era of overpowering online trends, businesses consistently look for out-of-the box marketing ideas, this is where they can exploit the many advantages of digital marketing to help them in meeting the needs of their customers.

Did you know that average online consumer attention span is estimated to be around 8 seconds? That’s the reason, every online business needs to make maximum efforts in making their content count.

The evolution of digital marketing has taken place during the years 1990’s and 2000’s, and completely changed the process of using technology for marketing by various brands and businesses.

Digital marketing can be defined as a Marketing subset, that utilises internet and online based technologies like mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other digital media platforms in promoting a product or service of a business, through implementation of strategies such as – content marketing, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.

These strategies will give you a basic idea in implementing a plan that will increase the scope of digital marketing for your business. As strategies and platforms differ for each industry line, it is your responsibility to identify the mediums in which majority of your target audience lies.

In this era of digital dominance, traditional marketing alone cannot pave the way for organisational success. The current situation requires marketing to touch the pain points of the customers.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Which mode of marketing do you think would be the best interest for your business?

If you are a millennial, then surely your answer would be ‘Digital’. Besides, if you are an established brick-and-mortar business for years, then you will seemingly to be learning the fact – scope of Digital marketing plays a huge role from generating leads to maintaining a brand presence.

All we are saying is Traditional marketing alone cannot generate the traffic like the olden times. A helping hand of online marketing is a must to make your mark in your industry.  All-in-all Digital marketing is a technology that enables people in maintaining rich connections with large number of people.

The most common dilemma in investing into online marketing, is being not sure of what’s the outcome going to be. Investing into this type of marketing is a huge decision to make, before you do, you need to be aware of what you are investing into and will the outcome be beneficial. To help you in making the decision, we have a list of advantages detailed below for a better idea.

Advantages of Digital Marketing from Traditional Marketing

1. User-friendly

Understanding of user needs and translating it into a digital experience is likely to result high drive in conversion rates, and profit revenues for the businesses.

In this digital era, businesses have increased advantage in providing instant 24*7 online customer support service to make the customers feel valued & supported. Developing a positive user experience can boost the satisfaction levels contributing towards differentiating of your products from the competition.

Content marketing through digital mediums are easily accessible and understood by the targeted consumer base. Also, any additional queries or misinterpretation of the information can be resolved through interactive communication online, without any delay. As in, traditional marketing most times the communication is only one-way, and hit/miss of a campaign can only be seen in the revenue or by conducting survey.

2. Cost effective

Digital marketing will help businesses in saving costs incurred to a substantial extent. It has the potential to alternate high costing mediums like radio, newspaper, television etc with affordable advertising channels online.

Through automated email marketing, you can boost subscribers list and convert them into potential customers for your business. It also provides an option of scheduling the content prior to sending out, physical presence is need not always required and can be monitored through any portable devices, from anywhere! Besides, there are various marketing plans and platforms available for budget convenience of varied industry lines.

3. Global reach

Your online business is just a click away from reaching global audience. Unlike traditional methods, digital marketing will not limit you to local demographics and helps in reaching your target audience all around the globe, providing an opportunity to explore the untapped markets overseas that might be a right fit for your business.

4. Higher Conversion Rate

Process of converting new leads into potential customers is a process that every business wants to excel in. With increase in digital media, the process had been a lot easier to perform and access these days.

If your business has either an app or online website and play your cards right then your customers are just a click away from making the purchase & turning into a potential consumer. Unlike traditional methods, such as -making cold calls throughout the day, or paying visit to the store to actually make the purchase. Digital marketing can be seamless and instant, by contributing to a larger conversion rate for a business.

5. Time saving

Conducting marketing through online channels can save time in reaching the audience, message delivery, and receiving feedback. There is no need for you to go through a strenuous process of physical survey to know the impact of your marketing activities.  

Through plug-ins like, – 24*7 chat-bots, online customer service & social media channels, you can conduct research and receive instant responses.

For instance, back in the times a marketing campaign is implemented through traditional mediums like – Television, Newspaper, and Radio. Once the message is communicated, there is no instant response or feedback received. The success or failure of a campaign can only be seen through overall customer survey, or through revenue generation. The process to know about the success of a campaign is time taking, whereas nowadays as a business you have all these tools that can help in saving you time in designing marketing strategies.

Final words

The benefits of digital marketing is higher in comparison to traditional methods. Every business irrespective of the size can have the first movers’ advantage and every marketer has an opportunity to consistently learn, as there is no certain end to invention of new technologies and innovating the way we communicate.

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